Could King Palm Wraps Be The Best All Natural Pre-Rolled Cones

Are King Palm the best all natural wraps? Read about them in this article. King Palm provides the best all natural pre-roll cone for cannabis consumers with their high quality palm leaf wraps.

Everyone has their preferred cannabis consumption method, but for those of us who love cannabis flower the most there’s nothing quite like the perfect joint. With the options on the market now, we can even choose to share our joints or not, with cones ranging in size from .25 g all they way up to 2 g! However, pre roll lovers want the best pre roll papers but the best of the best is actually not a paper at all, but an all natural wrap created by King Palm.


King Palm cones might not be everyone preferred all natural wraps but it is mine that for sure so in this article i'll be telling you guys everything you need to know about King Palm. Lets get started!


What Is A King Palm Wraps

King Palm wraps are palm leaf wraps that can be used instead of papers or pre-rolled cones for stuffing with ground cannabis flower for smoking. King Palm separates themselves from many blunt wraps and rolling paper companies that use glue, tobacco additives, or nicotine by offering a leaf grown in chemical-free soil. The leaf is rolled and then combined with a natural corn husk “filter” tip. This combination has resulted in a new type of pre-rolled cone that has become popular globally. King Palm rolls feel like a blunt cone, but without any nicotine or tobacco additives. Most recently, King Palm released several new flavors, and the flavored infused terpene beads that pop are replacing flavored rolling papers because of the quality and flavor.


King Palm Wraps

While there are several different options for pre-rolled cones on the market, King Palm is the only brand offered globally that uses a palm leaf rather than paper. Cannabis consumers, especially those of us who prefer smoking flower, appreciate pre-rolled cones because of the ease they offer in preparing the perfect puff. But, finding a natural pre-rolled cone can be trickier. While there are some companies that offer natural pre-rolled cones, the best pre-rolled cones are all natural pre-rolled cones for a variety of reasons. King Palm offers a perfect alternative to papers and paper cones.


King Palm Wrap Review

There is truly no other smoke accessory like King Palm. With a little help from my favorite stoned yoga teacher, Adam Andrews Johnson, I was able to do a marijuana product review on the wraps. Adam and I agree that King Palm wraps help you get the most authentic cannabis tasting joint smoke, much more than blunt wraps or even rolling papers. Papers can burn hot sometimes even with a burning sensation to your lips when you inhale the cannabis smoke. The King Palm leaves burn slower and cooler, allowing the taste of the cannabis flower to be much more authentic. They’re just as easy if not easier to pack than paper cones, and the mini wooden dowel/packing stick that King Palm includes in each pack really helps! Another thing to note is that the natural corn husk “filter” actually only keeps the ash and plant matter out, but still allows for pure unfiltered cannabis actually works much more like a crutch and not a filter. Additionally, the King Palm wraps come in a variety of sizes and quantities. Regardless of the size and number you order, they are all packaged very securely, with rubber tips in them so they’re never crushed and a humidity Pack to prevent staleness for up to a year after opening.



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