The Best Methods To Detox Your Body From Cannabis

There are many myths about how to properly cleanse your body of cannabis. In this article you will learn the best methods to detox your body from cannabis.

Depending upon what the marijuana regulation laws are in your state, if you live the cannabis lifestyle, you may find yourself in need of doing a cannabis detox. Believe it or not, not all folks looking for the best cleanse are trying to pass drug tests. Although that is the most common reason, others may be looking to take a needed tolerance break or might be going through some medical issues.


Now, experts all have their own opinions, but when it comes down to finding the best detox for cannabis, there are several different avenues you can take to achieve your desired results. Whatever your motivation, we are going to share some solid information about finding the best detox method based on the needs you might have.


Is it Hard to Do a Cannabis Detox

THC builds up in your system and unlike many other drugs once you stop ingesting, it can take up to six weeks to leave your body. Marijuana, once ingested, will still be present in the blood and saliva, up to a week; hair, three months; and urine, a few days to almost two months. Most employers who enforce drug testing rely on urinalysis testing which means that if you get selected randomly after using cannabis, this could cause you a problem and result in you needing quick detox. Luckily there are a wide range of cannabis detox products available.


Types of Detoxes

Depending upon your situation, you want to choose the best process for detoxing your system from cannabis. Let’s take a look at what options are out there:

  • All Natural Detox
  • Supplemental Natural Detox
  • Detoxification Products
  • Same Day Cleansers
  • All Natural Detox

This entails relying on water consumption, exercise, and of course, abstaining from consuming any cannabis products. Depending upon different factors such as consumption rates, total body fat, metabolism, and amount of THC in your cannabis products, the detox process can take as little as one week, and as many as six.


Supplemental Natural Detox

There are a variety of natural herbal detox plans and depending upon which experts you rely on, you may get a different suggestion from each. Some of the most common items used include Vitamin C, Niacin, Lemon Juice, and Apple Cider Vinegar.


Detoxing Products

These are the most typically used products some working as quickly as two days and others requiring 1-2 weeks to completely detox your system. The two most used methods are using a THC detox drink or utilizing a THC detox kit.


Same Day Detoxes

These products tend to be the most high maintenance but will work sometimes as quickly as one hour after consumption. These are definitely the best detox method to use when faced with a surprise drug test. These can be tricky, though, as some require you to use them within a specific time frame, and if you cannot accommodate, the product will not work.


Which THC Cleanse Method is Best For Me

To determine which is the best cleanse for you first ask yourself what is your motivation and then which of the detox methods most fit with your health and lifestyle. To some being healthy and safe is most important and some just need to get clean for passing drug tests. If you are on a journey for health reasons it is recommended that you stick with either all-natural or natural supplement detox methods.


However, if you have a need to pass a drug test, which is common in states where legalization is still happening, you typically have two scenarios: first, the test that you know is coming and can leisurely prepare for; or second, you have been surprised with a random drug test and you are in need of an efficient, short-term product.


In case you are here looking for the quickest, most efficient method let’s take a look at the same day cleanse product information, which typically comes in the format of a detox drink, and occasionally in pill form as well. Again, the experts vary on their recommendation, and products such as Rescue Cleanse and Toxin Rid are mentioned by various sources as quick and reliable. The most mentions definitely go to the Stinger Drink, touted by many as the best thc detox drink on the market. But no matter what different detox product they recommend, they do all agree on one thing. Hands down, the best detox drink and most reliable, is 100% good old water.


There are dozens of quick detox drink products and all of them require you to drink, and pass, a lot of water. And each one will tell you exactly what water intake they require to use it efficiently. And yes, they also tell how often you need to pee. Hence, same day products being high maintenance.


If you are in less of a rush, and know about an impending test then a detox kit will most likely fit your needs. Detox kits can work as quickly as one day in advance of the test, but many take about two weeks to fully flush your system. Most kits contain supplements and a health regimen to follow, and there are a lot of good products to choose from. Yes, the kits also require you drink, and pee, a lot. Toxin Rid is listed as the best THC detox kit by a wide consensus. Also, coming in close is Rescue Detox Products.



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