How to Make Great Cannabis Oil in Five Easy Steps

Learn how to make great cannabis oil. We show you how to save money making your own cannabis oil at home with five easy steps to follow.

Learn how to make cannabis oil and save a lot of money buying it already made. The popularity and acceptance of medical marijuana have soared greatly in recent times. Among the numerous marijuana products hitting the markets every day, none comes close to the popularity of cannabis oil, more popularly known as CBD oil (cannabidiol). There has been many studies of CBD oil, including the prestigious Harvard university, proving further medical benefits.


Cannabis Oil Has Many Health Benefits

The oil is extracted from the marijuana plant, devoid of the psychoactive THC compound that gets people ‘high’ when they smoke a joint. The oil can help with seizures and epilepsy, treat chronic joint pain and improve cancer pain, and treat the symptoms of PTSD, among other things.


How to Make Medical Cannabis Oil

The good thing is you can make cannabis oil by yourself if cannabis legalization is not an issue in your area. We’ve broken this into five easy steps so you can start enjoying all of the awesome CBD oil benefits in no time!


Step 1: Gathering Ingredients and Equipment

For this, you’ll need 1 ounce of medical marijuana. You’ll be better off with organically grown marijuana so that the chemicals and fertilizers used in non-organic types won’t affect the purity of your cannabis oil.


Other things can include:

  • One gallon of high-proof alcohol such (use alcohol produced for human consumption);
  • A ceramic mixing bowl or a medium glass;
  • A muslin bag or another straining device
  • A coffee filter and mesh strainer;
  • A container to hold the liquid;
  • A wooden spoon, a silicone spatula;
  • A double boiler, plastic syringe, glass jar

For safety, you may need a respirator mask, non-latex glove, and even safety glasses, that you may need to use at certain intervals.


Step 2: Extracting The Cannabinoids

This step of the ‘how to make cannabis oil’ process is where the extraction starts. You’ll begin by soaking the cannabis buds in the alcohol. You can use an alcohol product like Everclear. Transfer the buds into the ceramic mixing bowl, submerging it in the alcohol. With the wooden spoon, stir and mash the mixture for about three minutes.


Strain the mixture and transfer the cannabis-infused alcohol into the second container. The solid mash should be trapped in the strainer.


Step 3: Strain Again

Collect the mashed contents from the strainer and transfer it back into the ceramic bowl. Submerge this in alcohol once more and mix and mash for three minutes, again. Strain the mixture like in the first case and add the new dark-green alcohol-infused liquid along with the first strain.


Step 4: Boiling The Liquid In A Double Boiler

You have to boil off the alcohol from the green liquid extract. You’ll need the double boiler for this. First, fill the bottom half of the boiler with water and pour the green liquid into the top half. The green liquid will become heated as soon as the water in the bottom layer starts to boil. The green liquid will start bubbling and the alcohol will begin to evaporate.


Let the content continue to bubble with little heat and you can occasionally scrape the sides and bottom of the topmost section with the spatula. The liquid will continue bubbling until all of the alcohol evaporates. Once done, the bubbling will stop and you’ll have a dark green syrup. Your cannabis oil is done and ready!


Step 5: Storage

Your cannabis oil is ready now but there’s still a very important process you can’t afford to miss out as far as how to make cannabis oil is concerned. This is about storage and preservation.


Once the bubbling stops and you have your dark green syrup, you should remove the top section of the boiler and allow the cannabis oil in it to cool. Draw the cannabis oil from the boiler into a glass jar using the plastic syringe. You’ll need a jar with an airtight lid for this. The oil should be kept in a cool area, preferably in a dark cabinet. At lower temperatures, the oil can become hard. You may need to warm it a little bit to get it back into the liquid form before use.


How To Make Cannabis Oil High In CBD

This is how to make CBD oil; Simply use a cannabis strain high in CBD content and low in THC. If cannabis legalization in your area is not a problem, you can start distilling your cannabis oil for use to stave off a hangover after a night of fun, cure chronic pain and inflammation, improve cancer pain and symptoms of diabetes, improve anxiety and reduce stress, treat acne, or even it use for improved pet health in dogs, cats, and more.


There are a lot of things you can do with your cannabis oil. If this process is something you still can’t put up with, you can still check out some of the best CBD oil products out there so you don’t miss out on all of the incredible CBD oil benefits.



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