How I Got Into Smoking Marijuana

Here's a little story of how I got into smoking gods greatest plant.

Marijuana is the greatest plant on Earth it has many benefits to it. “The history of cannabis cultivation in America dates back to the early colonists, who grew hemp for textiles and rope” - I grew up with marijuana almost everyone I knew smoked at least a bowl everyday or two. Then, you have those people who smoke multiple bowls a day like myself.


I didn’t start smoking weed till I was like 12 or 13 years old but before that I was stupid and was smoking cigarettes but that’s another story for another post also don’t smoke cigarettes smoke weed instead it’s much safer and better for you. Anyway before I smoked weed I knew my older brother smoked so for whatever reason I would occasionally go down to my brother’s room and open his empty container just to get the smell I don’t know why lol. Then one day my other/younger brother and I were chillin' and for whatever reason went in my sisters room and we found where she kept her shit (wasn’t even looking for it if I remember correctly) but we had an idea of taking a little bit and a pipe and headed off to a smoke spot.


The first time I ever attempted to smoke weed was a waste of time and weed because I didn’t know shit back then of how to smoke it but I remember putting the weed into the pipe without even breaking it up and just start lighting it and trying to smoke it without covering the cob so it wasn’t hitting right or at all. After that my sister and her boyfriend noticed and instantly knew it was us so after that she wanted it back but we told her we "smoked" it. She was mad at first but then she called us in her room and showed us weed and ever since then I been smoking and im not the lazy stoner stereotype I get shit done if I have to. Thanks for reading!


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