The Ultimate Weed Electric Roller And Grinder

The OTTO cone electric roller and grinder lets you roll professional like joints in a matter of seconds. In a single click, your weed will be grinded and rolled for you.

Your friends are going to love your professional perfectly rolled joints and they will ask you how you did it, you may want to tease them about the expensive pre-roll joints from a weed shop. But that is not going to look cool at all. But what is cool, is this Otto Cone Electric Roller and Grinder.


The guys at Banana Bros made this cool weed gadget that helps you roll any type of bud into a perfect smooth hitting joint. If you have been the punching bag among your stoner friends about not rolling the perfect cones, this is what is going to make it look like you step your rolling game up.



Roller and Grinder

The OTTO cone roller and grinder lets you roll your joint in seconds. In a single button click, you will watch as the bud gets swallowed up into a fine grinder before exiting into a clear chamber where you can enjoy seeing as your roll comes into shape.


Made with artificial intelligence technology, the grinder senses the texture and consistency of your flower before adjusting its speed, pressure and direction. This way you will never have to worry about your type of material; whether dry, moist or stem filled. You can call it a mill. This will grind anything!


More than the fancy cool and proprietary technology that comes with this roller, it is built to last with Aerospace Aluminum plates.


Cool Things About The Otto Cone:

  • No mess grinding your buds
  • Nothing goes to waste so you save more
  • No waiting for too long before achieving a good cone
  • No joints that disintegrate after lighting


Ultimate Weed Gadget

This ultra cool weed gadget comes with an affordable price tag as well. Not only will you be the coolest stoner out there, but you will look like the guy who had the very first iPhone. The OTTO is truly revolutionary and will change the weed grinder and rolling game forever.



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