Making Hash At Home: Hand-Rolling Method

Hash or Charas is very high in cannabinoid concentration including THC, CBD, and other terpenes.


Hash is one of the purest extracts from the cannabis plant. It simply consists of trichomes and resins separated out from the cannabis plant. Thus, the extracts are mostly rich in cannabinoids, along with other flavoring compounds, but none of the sap.


The process of making Hash has long been kept a secret. However, now you can get a hold of it.


In this article, we will give you the simplest of all the methods, that you can also use at home to make hash from your regular weed buds- Hand-Rolling or Hand-Rubbing.


What is Hand-Rolling?

It needs no mention that resins and oils from a plant or a flower require pressure and heat for extraction. When the heat and the pressure are applied manually, by placing the flower buds between the palms, it is known as Hand-Rolling.


Seems, pretty simple right? Indeed it is.


However, you must also keep a few tips in mind, when using a hand-rolling method to make Hash at home.


Preparing the Buds

It is noteworthy that Hash originally started off in Asia's Himalayan region. Perhaps, the region is still believed to produce one of the best qualities of Hash around the world.


The reason for its utmost quality lies in the atmospheric conditions of the region. It would surely be beneficial to replicate the same at home if you can.


You need to prepare the buds before you begin rolling them in your hands. The first thing to do is to keep them moist and cool. This should make resins and oil chains brittle, and help their movement within the bud.


Rub Rub Rub...

After preparing your buds for making hash, you should also look into your palms. You wouldn't want to contaminate the hash you make.


So, it is better to clean your hands thoroughly to ensure that there are no residues. Use non-residual and non-scented soap to clean your hands for the best results.


Now, place the bud between your palms. Make sure that you remove all the stems and leaves to get only the resins/trichomes. Apply gentle pressure on the bud and start rolling in circular motions.


The Black Residue

After rolling for a while, you must start to get a greenish-black residue on your palms. This is essentially HASH.


It is noteworthy that, though this process does not require any specialized equipment, it is a very time-consuming process. So, patience is of utmost necessity here.


Nevermind, after rubbing 2-3 buds for a few hours, you should have a satisfactory amount of Hash on your hands. Now, you need to carefully remove it from your hand and place it on a clean surface. Later, you can either make balls of it or create small blocks of Hash, as you wish.


You can enjoy your homemade hash either in a rolling paper, or bong. Or if you like, you can enjoy hash minced with green tobacco in a clay chillum.


It is believed that a chillum is one of the best ways to enjoy Hash or as it is more natively known as, ‘Charas’.

Kashish Mahajan

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