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As 2022 ignites, it is worth a pause to assess where the US cannabis industry stands from a legal and regulatory perspective Despite steady acceptance across the US with 37 medical and 18 recreational states, serious discussion on Capitol Hill and increasing growth and revenues by US cannabis companies, recent regulatory and law enforcement action and in-action, seem to belie any optimism for “legalization” anytime soon. On this episode of Let’s Be Blunt, Montel chats with Gary Kaminsky, Esq. Gary has over thirty-five years of experience in legal regulatory compliance, the past six of which are in the cannabis industry. He is a frequent author and panelist for cannabis industry issues and currently the Chief Regulatory Advisor for the American Trade Association for Cannabis and Hemp, chairing its CBD Task Force and a founding member of its Cannabis Beverage council, and serves as Senior Counsel for Royer Cooper Cohen Braunfeld Law Firm.