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Introducing our brand-new "Watch Page" at ! Now you can seamlessly watch all videos that have been shared on our platform, be it directly uploaded to our server or embedded from YouTube and/or other sources. Please report any issues that you may experience. Happy viewing!

Attention All Users: Our system has went through and automatically blocked,banned, and/or deleted many potential spam accounts, if your account was affected in anyway and you think it's a mistake please contact us at: Thanks for being apart of SparkItUp!

SparkItUp has recently implemented an update to our caching system that is set to boost your website experience. With this latest update, we are confident that your browsing experience for most pages will be accelerated by up to 80%! Please report any issues you may experience.

Introducing Colored Posts!
You are now able to create
colored posts by clicking
the color icon when

Fun Fact: Did you know we have a blog where users can create and read others blog posts? You can find some helpful stuff our users have shared over their. Feel free to check it out and lets us know what you think: