SparkItUp now supports logging in and signing up via your Facebook and Twitter accounts. To create an account with your social login just go to the websites homepage and select "Social Login" and choose the platform you want to use. If you already have a SparkItUp account with that email being used it will log you into that account if not it will create one for you.

SparkItUp is officially back online! We have an improved design, real time notifications, a better messaging system, speed improvements and more. Sorry for any inconveniences we might have caused being offline. We are back and better then ever.

We have big things planned for our platform in the future! This includes a IOS and Android app, a Messenger app for easier communication between your friends and other users, live streaming, video and audio calling, updating and improving existing features to provide a faster and better experience for our users and more. We can not give any date on when any of this will happen but it’s planned. Feel free to ask any questions you may have or even provide suggestions.

In a future update we will be transferring the chat and messages system to nodeJS and WebSockets. The next update will also include bug fixes with the new messages and chat systems, we are focusing on improving the current code and user capabilities rather than adding more features for now. With our new WebSocket system it will bring users faster messaging. It will also be integrated into a mobile application for our website if we ever get one.

Also, we will be transferring notifications, posts, and page load systems to nodejs in future updates. No ETA on any updates yet just wanted to let you guys know.

- SparkItUp Staff