Ok, so I made this grow box right.

😅 Still got some touching up to do. BUT TWO QUESTIONS

-should I cut that wall piece I put in the back (started running through everything in my head and not sure if I should keep that in there)

-should I cut out the ventilation cushions (I got the pieces from an old humidifier *cleaned*)

100% of the time when I do my cardboard box projects I “go by eye” 😂😂 if that how that saying goes. I do one thing, stand back, look at it, decide on what next to do, and do it. 85% of the time those projects come out pretty good. 40% of the time I end up changing something. 60% of the time I just leave as is. 😂😂. But this project I want to be perfect. (The wall piece in the back is for lights and fan).

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