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Montel talks with Baba Israel & Grace Galu on this episode of Let’s Be Blunt about their new theatrical production entitled Cannabis! A Viper Vaudeville. The show is a theatrical concert exploring the history of cannabis using music, dance, and spoken word. It’s inspired by Martin A. Lee’s book Smoke Signals: A Social History of Marijuana - Medical, Recreational, and Scientific. Cannabis! weaves the histories of icons such as Louis Armstrong and Bob Marley, and grassroots activists such as Dennis Perron and Brownie Mary with personal narratives and explores the cycles of repression & injustice surrounding the policing of the plant (and those who use it), along with its simultaneous celebration in the culture at large. It’s an immersive, multimedia artistic experience. The show runs from January 8, 2022-January 15, 2022 at the Ellen Stewart Theatre in New York City.