By buying premium you become a gold member and it opens a door to new featues and is also a great way to show your support for the forum. Here's some reasons why becoming a gold member is a great idea.

The Badge

Gold members get their very own badge to help them stand out amouniest the rest when posting on the forums.


Change Username

Want to change your username? Being a gold member lets you change your username one time every month!


Username Color

Don't like your default username color? Well change it to any color you want by becoming a gold member.


Custom CSS

Don't like the style of our forum? Well as a gold member you have full control over the styling of the website.


Undo Votes

Don't like the desision you made in a poll? As a gold member you are able to undo your votes in polls posted on the forum.


Unlimited Private Messages

Super popular and don't have enough space in your inbox? Well no need to worry anymore because as a gold member you get unlimited space.


Unlimited PM Recipients

Hitting you limit of allowed recipients? Well as a gold member you will never have to worry again as you can add unlimited recipients.

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