SparkItUp is a discussion forum for anything related to marijuana this can include indoor and outdoor growing, ways of smoking, stories, reviews, etc. Our goal is to connect marijuana smokers around the world in one place where we can all chill and have a good time. We also want to show people marijuana isn't this hardcore drug or a gateway to another, it's a god gived plant that has helped many people.

Our theme is called BootBB and was made by EREE and Android BG for the MyBB forum software but was modified by the owner of this board Brian. Some aspects of our theme was inspired by The Tech Game v5 theme, we thought we should give them credit because our websites design was kind of based off their design. We are not trying to steal any members or designs from them in anyway. We are a marijuana discussion forum and they are a tech and gaming forum and the board owner is also apart of the TTG community aswell.