Hello everyone! Just found this video and wanted to share it because Gordon Ramsay is wrong clearly he doesn’t smoke when he’s talking about seeing mushrooms after trying it. Someone must have added an extra ingredient in their dish if you know what im saying lol. Please tell me what you guys think about this I think it’s pretty funny.


Yeah that story doesn't really make any sense, I expected more from Gordon

Lol so he's so proud of being drug free and against weed and all that but he sees a hobo and instead of giving him money for food he throws drugs at him. Of course it's important to take things in moderation and all that but I believe that goes with not taking things too, people like Gordon just come across as morons to me and he's very talented and obviously not a moron but it just makes them sound like that at least in my head because of how closed minded they come across. Or at least the way they speak about it all. 
Of course he said it's just not for him but I've seen him in his shows before whenever he sees weed he loses his mind, I can understand things like coke but I reckon they're all the same in his head.

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