Back when I was around the age of 13 - 15 (don’t remember its been awhile) I was hanging around this elementary school with my brother and we somehow manage to find this other kid and not to long after I guess one of us got the bright idea to go on the schools roof for no reason. So we knew away up so we went up their and went on the highest part that we called the monster which was slightly higher then the rest of the roof. Then this kid who we just met started to take theses bricks that were on the roof and threw them off so being stupid kids we joined him and not to long after he yells “Cops!” and at first I thought he was lying because I didn’t see any but then we saw them. So being the kids we were we took off running but instead of taking the ladder off the monster we jumped but then when I went to jump I almost jumped off the roof because we were running so I didn’t see that the roof goes in a little bit if that makes any sense but luckily before I jumped I stopped myself and got down from the monster without dying.

Now we had to get off the roof but the cops were blocking our only way down so my brother and I quickly went to find another way down. We ended up finding this poll on the side of the school that was stable enough to slide down, my brother went down without a problem but when I went I got half way down and my foot got caught and I ended up falling on the pavement. Luckily we didn’t live to far from the school but that fall had me limping and made my back hurt but after we got home I ended up telling my dad I slipped on a ball which he didn’t believe at all. Not to long after there were two cops in my house asking what happened so we told them and they gave us a warning and let us be but that one kid we met snitch on where we lived. Still this day I don’t know how he knew where I lived.

Crazy story you never know when life can just end so live everyday like it was your last.

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