I want to start growing my own supply, so I don't have to spend a ton of money on weed anymore. I figure this way I'd have some whenever I need it. Big Grin Anyway, I have a walk-in closet that I want to use to grow a few plants. I figure I could maybe store 2-4 plants, maybe 2. I will know more once cleared out and measured. Has anyone here grown in a closet? Does it work fine? I'm kind of new to growing, so I'm all for learning. Smile

I don’t grow myself but I want to get into it one day but I would say yes a closet is a good place to grow a few plants. The bigger the space the more money you will end up spending on the equipment and things needed.

You could totally grow in a closet. Just make sure you select the right amount of plants, and keep in mind the lights, fans etc. In my old place I grew a few plants in my closet. I had a small one though that only fit 1 plant at a time, but I produced a good amount. Now that I have my own house, I have a full room dedicated to it.

Yes possible

Lets see pics

1-How to Grow Cannabis in Your Closet

[Image: 1-How-to-Grow-Cannabis-in-Your-Closet.jpg]



3-Growing Weed Indoors the Easy Way

[Image: 3-Growing-Weed-Indoors-the-Easy-Way.jpg]

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