Has anyone here ever ingested weed by literally eating it? I remember a few years back, my friend brought over some weed, and he wasn't allowed to smoke it because he had a job interview coming up soon (a few days later, he got the job). Anyway, we decided to eat the weed instead. To combat the taste, we would eat doritos along with it. Yes I know, weird lol. 

But seriously, it didn't really do much. But then again, I didn't eat much of it, because the weed he brought over had a dead fly, which grossed me out so much lol. He ended up letting me keep some of the dope though, so I couldn't complain. 

With all of that being said though, have you ever ingested weed alone? Did you get high? How was it?

No I have never ate weed directly because it shouldn’t and wouldn’t get you high it’s a mad waste of weed lol. You would have to extracted what’s in the bud and then you can make/bake it into something and go from their. There are a lot of videos on YouTube how to make edibles or you can always check out the Marijuana Cooking forum.

Pointless it’s a waste of weed. If you do research you will know you can’t get high like that unless you do what @Brian said.

That’s definitely on the list of things NOT to do.


Sucked down blunts before if thats counts lmaoo. Burn your throat and it really don't get you much higher

Yeah police were following us getting ready to pull us over so I ate a 2grams. Didn't do anything, was kinda hard to eat so fast but didn't do anything bad to be either. It's totally a waste of weed though.

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