I just found this article about an couple who lives Aurora was sentenced in federal court this week for their role in a black market marijuana operation. Apparently they are the first people to be sent to prison as part of a massive Denver-area drug operation announced last year.
Huanyu Yan, 54, and You Lan Xiang, 50, received 36 months and 30 months in federal prison. They were growing over 800 marijuana plants in their basement and had plans to distribute the bud.

The two were found guilty in December of marijuana cultivation following a four-day trial.

On October 10, 2018, local and federal law enforcement raided the house on East Doane Drive, finding 878 marijuana plants and 9.72 pounds of finished marijuana. The drug bust was part of a coordinated effort over two years that targeted a drug trafficking organization that set up shop in hundreds of homes around the Denver area. The investigation touted by law enforcement as the largest pot bust in Colorado history, netted dozens of arrests and the seizure of more than 80,000 marijuana plants and millions of dollars in cash.

What do you guys think about this whole situation? It’s good that they took down a drug operation but if it’s just for weed I really don’t see the big deal sure they are doing it illegally but it’s still a harmless plant and is legal but 800+ plants is a little to much.

Do what you like. If you enjoy doing something and you do it very well, you should be successful and enjoy life. No harm done here

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