Hello SparkItUp! I was wondering what is the worst thing that has affected your life? For me it would probably be my eyes so im gonna share that story and also share updates of my situation in this thread.

I didn't start experiencing major issues with my eyes until I was in my early teens and been having problems with them ever since but I always had shitty version but im used to that but I still haven't recovered  from recent events but I will go over that later in this post. Anyway I remember that day when my retina in my left eye came detached for the first time ever I was sitting down playing video games or possibly watching tv and I remember it going blurry followed by some pain if I remember correctly. At first I thought something got in my eye so I waited a bit but it didn't clear up so at this point I go tell my dad and the next day me and my mom go to this place where you can get eye glasses and after a few tests I was told the retina was detached I was scared shitless when I first heard that lol.

After we found that out we went straight to go find a place and a eye doctor to help reattach the retina and we found a place that I don't want to name and ended up getting "the 2ed best doctor in my state" I believe anyway not to long after we scheduled a surgery to get my retina reattached and obviously I didn't like the fact that I had to get surgery but you got to do what you got to do little did I know this will be one of many surgeries.

Since then I have had even more surgeries to keep reattaching my retina but they also took my lens out because it was to cloudy and I never got it put back in yet. Fast forward to current events my retina was partially detached and very light sensitive to the point I couldn't look at anything that had light it didn't matter if it was a tv screen, computer, sunlight it all bothered my eye it would shut and water and I couldn't open them because it doesn't like the light so I had a surgery to fix my retina again and it cleared up some of the light sensitiveness but it still is very light sensitive to sunlight but computers, tvs, etc... are a little more manageable now but going to the eye doctor today to see what I can do about the rest of the light sensitiveness because this affects my life so much with socializing, school (when I had it), working, etc and it truly sucks.

Update: just got back from seeing my eye doctor he prescribed me 2 kinds of drops hopefully they help but he said it's the pressure in my eye that's causing it to be light sensitive.

Update: so far those drops haven't helped at all so that sucks but going back on the 10th for a checkup so I will keep this thread updated as I get updates.

Update: went back to the eye doctor for a check up and got more drops but this time im taking 2 drops a day of Inveltys in my left eye and another drop of Lumigan in the same eye so nothing in my right eye but hopefully they help but I go back in a week for a check up and will update this thread when I get the results.

Update: just got back from the eye doctor again he said everything is doing fine and im supposed to keep taking those drops he described me til they are gone. Today on the way there the sun light wasn't bothering my eyes to much so I guess they are kind of helping idk for sure tho hard to say so I will keep taking them for now. He also said my eyes might always be light sensitive which truly sucks we are just trying to minimize it he says.

Update: just got back from my eye appointment and was told I have calcium deposits built up on my eye which is causing it to be uncomfortable and also might be causing my light sensitivity as well. I was told a procedure exists to fix that but it’s very painful. Im thinking about doing the procedure. Im willing to try anything at this point.

Sorry for the long post thought I will include some background info and keep you guys updated on my situation but that's not even the whole story about my eyes didn't want to share it all but it's most of it. Thanks for reading and have a good day.

Hope everything is well but the worst thing for me would be credit card debt.

Life is short .... like a block of melting ice fast.
Moreover, it has no Reset Button.

So avail it carefully.

What's the best thing to ever affect your life though?

I dunno death is the worst thing to affect mine it really hit me hard, but the universe finds a way sometimes and that giant hole that was left behind may not be completely filled but the universe found something to slot into it's place and I'm grateful.

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